16 April 2016

React Amsterdam 2016: State Management Is Easy

Speaker: @mweststrate

Personal opinion: I disagree with what the speaker said during the presentation. However, I do have to dive into this, because it might be a communication issue.
Managing state is hard because of human limitations. It doesn't become easy by reducing the amount of code. The amount of state and state changes remain the same. Less code and databinding has been tried (and failed). Problem space needs to be broken down in manageable pieces. It's like juggling with 20 balls, no matter what we do to make it easier, it is still impossible.

Challenge: The DOM is hard
Solution: React

Challenge: State Management is hard
Solution: Redux (?) - MobX


State Management is hard because:

  • Static State is not hard
  • Changing State is hard
State should be minimally defined:
  • No Caching
  • No Data Duplication
  • No Cascading State Changes
  • Don't worry about how the app should react to state!
MobX = fast

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