08 July 2015

ReactEurope conference 2015

This post is a work in process as more videos are posted online. In case you miss any information, please comment below or contact me on Twitter.

Last week I attended the first ReactEurope conference, flawlessly organised by Patrick Aljord and his team. More than 700 people traveled to Paris, including many Facebook hotshots, to experience a true React heatwave.

I assembled all important information from each presentation: Video, slides, announcements, code, links and the wonderful notes that Michael Chan made of all sessions except his own. At the end you'll find links to other blog posts about the conference written by attendees.


Day 1

Keynote - Christopher Chedeau

  • React v0.14 Beta 1
  • React Native for Android: Open Sourcing is only done after Facebook releases a product that uses it. That has happened now, so expect it in about 2 months time.

Inline Styles: themes, media queries, contexts, and when it's best to use CSS - Michael Chan

Flux over the Wire - Elie Rotenberg

React Native: Building Fluid User Experiences - Spencer Ahrens

Exploring GraphQL - Lee Byron


Don't Rewrite, React! - Ryan Florence

Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel - Dan Abramov


Relay: An Application Framework For React - Joseph Savona

Will be open sourced in August 2015.

Back to Text UI - Mikhail Davydov

DOM as a Second-class Citizen - Sebastian Markbåge

Lightning talks

Improving Your Workflow With Code Transformation - Sebastian McKenzie


The State of Animation in React - Cheng Lou

Simplifying the Data Layer - Kevin Robinson

Going Mobile with React - Jed Watson

React Router - Michael Jackson


Creating a GraphQL Server - Nick Schrock & Dan Schafer


Isomorphic Flux - Michael Ridgway


Building submarines that don't leak - Aria Buckles


How React & Flux Turn Applications Into Extensible Platforms - Evan Morikawa & Ben Gotow



Other blog posts about the conference