16 April 2016

React Amsterdam 2016: The React Native Playground

Speaker: @jsierles

Talks about: React Native Playground

Important to get stuff out there (easily).

Inspired by @vjeux who wished there was a JSFiddle like experience for React Native.

appetize.io provided a free emulators for React Native.

Future: Test on real devices, not in the browser.

app.reploy.io let your users test your app, make screenshots and provide feedback, all in the browser.

Future supporter and tool to use: reindex.io

React Amsterdam 2016: Solving a Tooling Problem for React Native

Speakers: @kureevalexey and @grabbou

Tooling for Dependencies:
Today npm (Node Package Manager)

Problem using npm for React Native

React Native modules are more complex than JavaScript modules, because they contains more:
  • JS
  • Platform code
  • Assets

What's next?

  • Linking core libraries
  • One tool to rule them all (right now: npm + React Native + rnpm). React Native team and speakers are working together on this.

Mentioned in demos:

React Amsterdam 2016: State Management Is Easy

Speaker: @mweststrate

Personal opinion: I disagree with what the speaker said during the presentation. However, I do have to dive into this, because it might be a communication issue.
Managing state is hard because of human limitations. It doesn't become easy by reducing the amount of code. The amount of state and state changes remain the same. Less code and databinding has been tried (and failed). Problem space needs to be broken down in manageable pieces. It's like juggling with 20 balls, no matter what we do to make it easier, it is still impossible.

Challenge: The DOM is hard
Solution: React

Challenge: State Management is hard
Solution: Redux (?) - MobX


State Management is hard because:

  • Static State is not hard
  • Changing State is hard
State should be minimally defined:
  • No Caching
  • No Data Duplication
  • No Cascading State Changes
  • Don't worry about how the app should react to state!
MobX = fast

React Amsterdam 2016: Introducing and Implementing React at Coolblue

Speaker: Paul van Dam

Why React?

JavaScript fatigue

Many different tools and components needed to build a decent app.

Tackle the fatigue:
  • Fail often (don't be afraid to fail)
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Expand


Continues integration:
  • ESLint
  • Unit test
  • Pull requests
  • ...
  • Build
  • Deploy

Semantic Vesioning:
  • Problem: ˆ3.0.2 (different versions in use by developers)
  • Fix: 3.0.5 (everyone uses the same version)
  • But... It assumes developers follow rules
node modules can be platform dependent

Mentions: npm shrinkwrap


React Amsterdam 2016: Testing React Applications

Speaker: @jack_franklin

Uses to test: Tape


Testing Interactions:
Test doubles, libraries:
Alternative to verbose React's Test Utils:

Run tests:

Slides of this and other presentations by the speaker can be found here.

React Amsterdam 2016: React WebGL in Liberty Global

Speaker: @pixelscommander

New setup box every 2 years. Abstract the rendering to protect against platform changes.

WebGL is used becauce:

React Amsterdam 2016: React Component Libraries

Speakers: @operatino (Liberty Global)

Ziggo's Horizon Go app is written in React with component reuse in mind.

Talk is too short to mention all, therefor he refers to other talks he has given (slides).


  • Choose tech base
  • Choose tools
  • Build